Maestros Artesanos

TC COLLECTION is a family business, where everything is created with soul and good energy flows.

The TC collection brand is created by Elisa Calatayud CEO of the atelier, which was born from the company Tapizados Calse and was founded with love and affection thanks to the experience of her father Francisco Calatayud García, current Manager of the company.

In each decorative piece we make there is artisan essence and Mediterranean soul. Its slow-cooked preparation is pure and delicate, a form of Lifestyle.

In the atelier you breathe peace, here, located in an idyllic place and surrounded by nature, we create pure magic every day where the sun rises in silence, with flashes of light that are harmony to create beauty.

It is a place of love at first sight, the color green predominates every day in our lives and makes our work more productive and calm.

And so, slow work , slow life, calm work and things done with care are the new fashion, we like to always remember this in our company philosophy.

«We are from the Mediterranean, where it is made over slow heat and with great care by Master Artisans of pure craftsmanship.

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Todo esfuerzo tiene recompensa

Hemos sido finalistas, tres años consecutivos, en la categoría imagen del Centro de Artesanía de la Comunidad Valenciana.

Un merecidísimo reconocimiento a nuestro equipo artesano, su saber hacer y respeto por la profesión.