No. 11 St. Agnes Street

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The most important things in life should be done calmly

A slow, calm life with nature as the setting. This is our proposal of inspiration for rustic exterior decoration full of artisan pieces made with care and slow fire in our Mediterranean atelier. A place where materials gain beauty over time and the imperfections of artisan pieces make them unique.

House No. 11 on St. Agnes Street is a living reflection of this style of Slowlife life , pure inspiration to achieve a natural and rustic home. A century-old farmhouse with vegetation as the protagonist and textiles in natural fibers; esparto, jute, wool and linen.

Rustic exterior decoration

House No. 11 on Sta. Agnes Street

Waking up with the warmth of the sun on our face, the morning breeze, having tea or coffee and enjoying the views of the garden and your life. Pure pleasure for the soul.

If we also dress our home with natural fibers we will achieve harmony that transforms into well-being for our body and mind.

Borreguito Wool Cushion | TC collection

Wood, wrought iron, natural stone, ceramics and a green blanket is the perfect canvas for our textiles. In this case, a sheepskin wool cushion reminds us that autumn is near. And to all of the above you want to add a cozy and warm blanket, always in neutral tones so as not to lose the balance in your style.

Rustic exterior decoration | TC collection

Rustic exterior decoration | TC collection

A cozy rustic outdoor decoration that invites you to enjoy the house to its fullest.

A place to connect with nature, disconnect and flow.

Two-seater sofa in washed linen and casual style

Rustic Styling | TC collection

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